Behind The Edit

We live in a very edited world and even though editing can be a good thing, Behind The Edit exists to explore what lies behind the edited, the pretty, and the perfectly polished. What goes into crafting beautiful products or building a brand loved by so many? What challenges do entrepreneurs face while growing their businesses? And how do these experiences shape them as human beings? This is a podcast about the real stories behind inspiring local brands. From growing a brand and running a business amidst the uncertainties of COVID-19, to the process of designing products, bringing them to market, and the unexpected life lessons learned along the way. Behind The Edit, uncovers the various paths one can take on this personal and transformative journey. Through a series of conversations, creative pioneer Christine Meintjes sits down with South African creators to take a peek behind-the-scenes and gain insight into what it takes for each guest to build — what seems like — a perfectly edited brand.